Re-release and Sequel news

Hi all

It has been far too long…

Lady: Impossible has been retitled Matching Millie, and the sequel will be out in early 2016.

Very sorry for the delay, but looking forward to the second book.


‘Lady: Impossible’ Now Available for Purchase!


Lady: Impossible is now available for purchase on all Amazon stores worldwide. Visit Amazon today to get your copy!

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New Official Blurb

Here’s the updated blurb for my upcoming novel Lady: Impossible (slight delay in release caused by MacBook having to be repaired):

Meet Lady Emilia Pembroke, only daughter of the Earl and Countess of Silsbury. Sharp-tongued, well educated and pretty, she arrives in London to spend the summer with her flighty mother, only to find a new addition to the household in the dashing form of Blair Baxter. Handsome, debonair and not yet thirty, this new butler scarcely fits the senior servant stereotype and seems to harbour secrets of his own. Before Millie can recover from the shock, her mother drops another bombshell: twenty-eight and unmarried – it’s high time Millie was sent to a matchmaker.

The problem is, it’s 2012, not 1912, and Millie sees little reason to rectify both her difficult attitude and her marital status. It’s only when her interest in Blair quickly gets out of hand that she agrees to be set up with charming investment banker Oliver Paten-Pryce. However, the spectre of family scandal remains omnipresent and, torn between rumours of financial strife and duty to her family, Millie is forced to face the perennial question – is money the be all and end all?

Set during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, Lady: Impossible is a cheeky tale of love, sex, status and privilege, told with as much of Millie’s clever, irrepressible wit as a Kindle can handle.


New Book, New Blog

Stay tuned for news on my upcoming novel Lady: Impossible, to be released in April 2013! (Kindle format, Amazon)